Friday, January 10, 2020

Coffee House: Day Four

Coffee House: Day Four

As Catholic Schools Week grows closer, the eigth grade students are busy at work. Research, art, and design are all an important aspects of the Coffee House. Take a peek at the eigth graders busy at work. How amazing to start seeing it all come togther. 

Students work in groups to develop better teamwork skills.

A hosue made of coffee beans! 

These aspiring young artists are offering a view of coffee around the world. What places will the visit?

Coffee House 2020: Day Three

Coffee House 2020: Day Three

Day Three was filled with designs and art to transform room 309 to a coffee house. It is truly amazing to see the eigth graders using their creavtivity to create a whole different design for the coffee house.

These students are excited to see their art showcased to the public. Come see on January 26!

In progress!

A pop of color!

These musicians are busy practicing a piece to perform at Coffee House.

Coffee House 2020: Day Two

Coffee House 2020: Day Two

Research Time: Gracie Tran, an accomplished artist, is sketching out a Paris scene for a coffee house

A  few of the eighth grade boys are diligently researching.

"If music be the food of love,play on." Two musicians are searching for music to showcase different instruments.
These group of girls are researching different types of coffee around the world.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Coffee House 2020

Coffee House 2020

Hello World and Welcome to Coffe House, where slam poetry is showcased. The class of 2020 will transform Room 309 in such a way that would make your eyes pop.Come journey with us as we take step one in this transformation process. Enjoy this special journey with us. 

In this image, two of the eigthth grade boys are cleaning out books from the shelves.


An image of some of the boys putting books and supplies neatley in the closet.

Two students cleaning our windows to make them sparkle!

Three of our musically talented eighth grade boys researching a song they can play for the Coffee House.

Two of our eighth grade students drawing an art piece.

Students designing what can go above our classroom's windows.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Building Confidence

Building Confidence

Basic communication and social skills can help build confidence in young people.What you may not know is that for many young people, shyness is a learned behavior.Currently,as many as 40 to 60% of adults report being shy.

The teacher allows students to make their work public and they share their presentations in class. There is an instant feedback from their peers. 

The day was entitled "Freaky Friday". One activity during the period was to produce a funny, two minute performance with your friend.On the day that this was announced,every group was excited and were eager towork along with their buddies.

Getting students excited about learning involves incorporating a sense of surprise and mystery into some of your lessons.SIT BACK AND OBSERVE the students' involvement. You will find that the element of surprise is an effective classroom technique.

Enjoy pictures of the 6th. grade students at St. James School in Woodbridge!